Sunday, May 20, 2018

Join us on a Race to Chelsea!

Do you want to be in a Miles on the MBTA video? Do you want to see if the SL3 is actually the fastest way to Chelsea? Do you want to meet me and a bunch of other fans of the blog as we race there and back? We're going to be staging a race using five different routes to get from Park Street to Bellingham Square and back on June 8th, meeting at 4:15 PM at Park Street. Other people there whom you may recognize from some of our videos will be Sam, Nathan, Josh, Jaret, and Jordan. For more information and to sign up, please fill out this form. Due to space constraints, we won't be able to invite everyone who applies.


  1. Sorry, I'd love to join in but I work Friday evenings.

    Summertime Friday afternoon rush hour traffic will probably be the big wildcard, especially for the SL3 trips through the tunnel (though less so for the Blue Line at Airport connection - they might get lucky and catch a SL3 ahead of the one the straight SL3 gets), and the 111 taking the Tobin.

    If the schedule was more favorable I'd bet on the Commuter Rail, but even if you get to North Station in time for the 4:40 (probably doable if no problems on the Green Line) to Beverly (the first train after 4:15 which stops at Bellingham Square, arriving at 4:52), you'd be looking at a 45 minute layover before the 4:42 from Newburyport arrives at 5:37 (the next local North Station outbound, a Newburyport train at 5:15, gets to Bellingham at 5:27 so that's still what they'll be returning on if no delays). That train gets back to North Station at 5:50, and probably back to Park Street sometime near 6:00 or so. I'm not sure if that will be good enough.

  2. Crap, I signed up but I'm not sure I can make it on a friday......

  3. Wish i could go but I currently live in Vermont for grad school! Hope you guys do another one, maybe I’ll be able to come down! This is still my favorite blog :)

  4. When will we know if we are accepted or rejected?

  5. Not sure if you are only comparing various transit routes, but I think it would be interesting to throw in a bicyclist into the mix. Though it is a very circuitous route (through Charlestown, Sullivan Sq., up Rt.99, east on Beacham St. into Chelsea), but I have found that biking is often the fastest mode door to door (over driving, walking, and transit).

    Looking forward to the results of the race!


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