Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wellesley Square

For its busiest stop and its downtown, you would think Wellesley would ensure that Wellesley Square is as nice of a station as possible. A valid thought, but a wrong one...

One of the station's parking lots.
For a downtown station, Wellesley Square's 224 spaces of parking are great. They're split between two lots, and like the other Wellesley stations, you're in luck if you're a resident - parking is a buck fifty cheaper! Once again, we have strange vending machines that don't seem to work, as well. There's an MWRTA bus stop sign for the 8 on Crest Road over the station, and it's...fine.

Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo...
Oh man, this is a bad platform. We'll start with the outbound side, which has a few ads, a wastebasket, and a few bike spaces. Cool. The inbound side, meanwhile, features two benches, a wastebasket, some ads, a map and schedule, and a dingy old bus shelter. Wait, that's it? No building to make up for how awful the rest of it is? Well...shoot.

That's a bright light!
Station: Wellesley Square

Ridership: This is by far the busiest of the Wellesley stations, with a cool 804 inbound riders every weekday.

Pros: Like the other Wellesleys, Wellesley Square is integrated pretty well with the neighborhood around it. It also has a good amount of parking.

Cons: If there's one thing I hate about in Commuter Rail stations, it's bus shelters. And the bus shelter here is so dingy! At least the other Wellesleys had a building to liven up the station a bit, but Wellesley Square? Nope, you just get a bus shelter. As usual, it's not wheelchair accessible, and I would really like it if there was better signage to the station from around the square.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Wellesley Square is really nice! Sure, it definitely has that "we're a really rich town" vibe, but it's still a great little high-end commercial district. A great thing about it is how big it is - it takes about seven minutes to walk from one end of the downtown to the other.

Final Verdict: 3/10
Sorry, Wellesley, but your stations all blow. This is the worst one, since it doesn't even have a nice building to redeem it! It doesn't help that this is by far the busiest of the three.

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  1. maybe it's just me but i think it's ridiculous the newton and Wellesley each get three stations, i mean six station in two cites seems a little much if anything it just slows the train down

  2. and just like the newton trio the Wellesley trio is awful

  3. Well Miles, congratulations on completing the Worcester line!


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