Saturday, March 31, 2018


Cohasset. More Old Colony. Cool.

The parking area.
The high-level platform is completely and totally standard: it's long, with benches along the whole thing, with a higher concentration under the station's modern shelter. Some paths lead to the parking lot, which has 410 spaces, including another shelter at which to wait for pickups. There are some bike spaces here, too, while an alternative pedestrian exit goes to East Street.

Oof, that's bright!
Station: Cohasset

Ridership: Cohasset's ridership is on par with the rest of the Greenbush Line, getting 391 inbound riders per weekday.

Pros: High level platform, shelter, and parking! Also, a TOD building, which is rare on the Old Colony, so that's nice to see.

Cons: Inbound trains cause two level crossings to go down when they board, which is annoying.

Nearby and Noteworthy: There's a rail trail from here that goes into the woods - it seems like a nice walk! Also, this is the Greenbush Line, so of course the station is right next to a golf course.

Final Verdict: 7/10
Yup, Old Colony. These reviews aren't too interesting, are they? But stay tuned for a HUGE VIDEO REVIEW tomorrow!!!

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  1. a huge video review? i think i know what that is. also didn't it say you reviewed north Billerica in that nbc article the other day ,is that coming soon too?

    1. North Billerica's just gonna be a print review - it'll be published in a few days.

  2. looks like you forgot to link this review ,how are people gonna know you reviewed cohasset lol

  3. Hm, is this video review having to do anything with miles's annual april fool's joke?


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