Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Curious MBTA Rider Asks...

I take the Lowell line in everyday. I have never seen or heard of anyone stopping at Mishawum. I am doing research on Mishawum and I have a theory and wanted to hear your input. There is a 4:22 PM train from Lowell to Boston which goes through Mishawum. I think this is a drug set up or gang thing. You see the cultural phenomena of 4/20 and this is two minutes after that. Additionally, it is sketchy as f*** and has junk everywhere and nobody uses it since it is a ghost station. There are some parts that are abandoned and closed off by the cops, maybe they are in on it too.
Since you have reviewed Mishawum, I wanted to ask if you agree with my theory or if it is incorrect? I hope you don't think I am joking; I am honestly very committed to this theory.

Uhh...let's agree to disagree.


  1. When I want to misawun, isaw the train and I meet the 10 people who ride that train. One was nice and alot if people entered threw the woods and comes in threw the old platform wich is in Service btw. The person was nice to me, and when the train arrived, everyone got on except me and one got off. This was sthe 4:22 train but it dosent get alot of people buecause most companies close at 5.

  2. I got alot of pictures of the station

  3. Over the years, Mishuwaum has gotten runned down. I've seen it vandalized quite a few times and a staircase on the outbound side to Lowell was closed down.

    - James


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