Monday, February 19, 2018

Littleton/Route 495

It's a good thing I reviewed this one after riding the LRTA 15, since I doubt I would've had any reason to come here otherwise - Littleton/Route 495 is in the middle of nowhere! It's one of those Commuter Rail stations that's really only meant to be a park-and-ride, which...well, it's not exactly a rare thing...

Might as well start with the station's main use.
For a park-and-ride station, it's interesting that Littleton only has 246 total spaces. Doesn't seem like a lot, does it? At least there's a convenient "restroom facility" in the parking lot, though (see above)! The station also has about 24 spaces for bikes, and there's actually a bus connection here. Okay, it's the MART Boston Shuttle, which runs three times a day and is no doubt awful and guaranteed to be really late, does come here.

Down on the platform.
There's a great footbridge that leads over to the platform, going down to it on a long ramp. This station was completely renovated in 2013, as we can see from the awesome platform. It's modern and it gets the job done, with plenty of benches and wastebaskets, as well as historical information about Littleton. The lighting at night was great, even on the substantial unsheltered section, and it was a pleasant place to wait for the train with the subtle din of cars from nearby I-495.

Darn it, it's going the wrong way!
Station: Littleton/Route 495

Ridership: I guess I didn't have to worry about the 246 spaces thing, because the ridership here isn't much higher: 313 people per day. Considering drop-offs and people who get here on bikes, I'm sure there's enough space in that lot.

Pros: The 2013 renovation did wonders for this place. It's really nice! Sure, this is nothing special, and it has no more than the basic Commuter Rail amenities you would expect, but that's not a bad thing. The station's proximity to both Route 2 and I-495 is an added bonus.

Cons: Maybe the lot is too small? I wish the MBTA still had its fill rate statistics online! Any Littleton commuters out there who could report on the state of the lot in the morning peak?

Nearby and Noteworthy: There's practically nothing around here - a few offices, and that's it.

Final Verdict: 8/10
Yeah, not much to report here. Littleton looks great, it functions well, and it's in a good location for its intended purpose.

Latest MBTA News: Service Updates


  1. did you review the mart boston shuttle when you were there

  2. This lot is packed on weekday mornings; cars are parked on the grass, in walkways, etc. A few years ago the owners of the lot added a bunch of lines to create parking spots that didn't used to be there - I highly suspect these don't meet safety standards (fire trucks would have a tough time getting to a car fire). There is also a small lot across the street. See pics and more info here:

    1. That sounds insane! Thank you for the information!

  3. I ride daily from this station! I think your numbers about ridership are reallllly dated - from 2013, when the current station wasn't actually built yet, the Fitchburg line had only recently been double tracked, etc. The lot fills up every day by 7:40, to capacity and then some. People park on every plausible surface, on the grass, in ditches, etc. Every few months the MBTA transit police will try to ticket them.

    My regular train alone is around 200 people boarding at Littleton, and that's one of several morning express trains that run at capacity. The CR is widely utilized from Littleton.

    The upgraded station was done as part of the double tracking - these factors combined to make the line much more useful. It's great.


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