Sunday, July 9, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Miles on the PVTA," for a month or so

Yes, it's true - I'll be in Amherst with Sam for the next month attending the Summer Transportation Institute at UMass. I've given myself the lofty goal of riding every PVTA route, at least those that run in the summer. Thus, after I finish up my backlog of Boston-based reviews, you'll be seeing lots of PVTA stuff. I hope you all enjoy it! I'm excited to take a look at a new system - maybe I'll even be able to head up to the FRTA, because that's one I've been wanting to visit for a while.


  1. I'm looking forward to it, my old home town. (for what it's worth lol)
    NOTEWORTHY: UMass of course, Eric Carle (children's author) house (routes 36), Dr. Seuss museum (Springfield), Holyoke Mall (Red 41, Red 29, Purple 20, Purple 20e), Northampton (Blue 43), Greenfield (FRTA 31), Yankee Candle flagship store (FRTA 31), Atkins Farm (Route 36) and Williamsburg Country Store (Red 42).

    Northampton-Springfield connections are the routes Red 41 (Monday-Saturday), Blue 48 (daily), and from Amherst the Red 29 (daily) transfers are required in Holyoke to continue to Springfield, thankfully the Purple 21e is available (daily) travels via I-391 express between the cities. What a TIME SAVER that was for us!!! Not sure if you need the website, its simple,

    (FRTA connects with PVTA and also with the MART system) not sure if you need the FRTA website either but if so, here it is:

  2. Interesting...I wonder if they'll bring out their RTS as a shuttle :o


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