Thursday, June 8, 2017


Why on earth would I come to Hanson, you ask? Could it be to ride the rush-hour only GATRA shuttle from there to Pembroke, you ask? Why, yes, that was exactly why I came to Hanson! Before I can review that exciting GATRA shuttle, though, I have to review...Hanson. Wooooo...

The sheltered part of the platform.
Hanson is as typically Old Colony as you can get. The platform is all high-level, with a sizeable sheltered portion featuring benches, signs, and wastebaskets. Of course, the platform stretches way beyond the sheltered bit, going into the woods where there are a few more benches and signs.

Since this was on a weekday, the parking lot was actually busy!
Does Hanson have a parking lot? Yes, of course it does, and with 482 spaces, it's big enough to handle the rush hour crowds. There are bike spaces here, too, and a pedestrian path that leads out to the street. One advantage about Hanson is that it's technically in a downtown - that is, if "downtown" Hanson was at all worth talking about.

A train leaving the station.
Station: Hanson

Ridership: This is the second least-used station on the Plymouth Line, with only 473 inbound riders per weekday. Hey, the parking lot fits 482, so that works out pretty well, eh?

Pros: The high-level platform means the station is fully-accessible, and there's plenty of seating space, with a well-sized parking lot. Yeah, I mean, there isn't much to say here. It's also in a "downtown"!

Cons: Not much - it's just kinda boring. It's an Old Colony station, so yeah, boringness fits the bill.

Nearby and Noteworthy: As I mentioned, we are in "downtown" Hanson! Highlights include a Dunks, a pizza joint, and a fireplace shop...and that's about it.

Final Verdict: 8/10
Hey, you know, Hanson is pretty good for an Old Colony station! Okay, well, the only thing that makes it a cut above the others is that it's technically in a downtown...and yes, it's the most boring and suburban downtown possible, but it's still a downtown. Old Colony reviews are so fun, aren't they?

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  1. I live in Halifax but, I park here every day. I'm right on the Hanson border. We technically don't have downtown areas in these rural suburbs. I grew up in Quincy and work in Boston so, I get how a DD, pizza shop, and the fireplace shop (The Chimney Chap cleans my chimney) seems like downtown. There are multiple commercial concentrations spread out over miles in small towns. But, Hanson is a big town. Not as big as Plymouth but, pretty huge by suburban standards. The biggest thing that separates this area from more urban locales is the lack of sidewalks. I don't have kids and I never walk anywhere so, I like it. If you want to learn more about riding the T on this line, search #Kingstoners on Twitter and you'll read lots of fun stories!

  2. You should see that place in the afternoon when commuters leave. The parking lot is a nightmare since people will illegally block the entrance by using the inbound road as an exit.


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