Friday, May 26, 2017

10 "Boston Landing" Comments Boston Landing review kinda blew up. Thanks to posts on Universal Hub and Reddit, the post has gotten almost 3500 views in a few days! First of all, I want to thank everyone for reading, and welcome those who might be new - I hope you stick around. The exposure has also resulted in a bunch of feedback, and I found some pretty interesting comments. Let's take a look at 10 of my favorites, eh?

1. I thought this was an interesting discussion about the station's location. The fact that it transcends two neighborhoods, brought up by John Pelletier, is neat. I suppose to be exact, I should've just called it "the Allston-Brighton area"...

2. On the topic of Allston, I got a good amount of comments regarding my description of the neighborhood Josh and I walked through. Hey, I've got nothing against Allston itself...but that neighborhood just to the east of Boston Landing is disgusting. I stand by that!

3. Alright, yeah, it was a pretty minor digression in the post when I said I was digressing, I'll give you that one...

4. As it turns out, I really like my exclamation points. What can I say? They're fun to use and add spunk to an otherwise boring sentence! That one in my reply is semi-ironic...

5. I have no idea who you are, Doctor of Taste, but your comment is amazing.

6. This thread led me to think about my writing style, and to be honest...I will continue writing "like a high school kid." Because you know what, I'm talking about things that most people find boring. If I don't make the posts conversational and enthusiastic, who would care outside of the hardcore transit fans? I'm not trying to write a professional blog or anything - my goal is to entertain you all while writing about what I love!

7. A whiny twit, eh? Well, it's better than a "f***ing dweebus," as one fellow who later deleted his comment called me. I also have to admire kittyscherbatsky for digging deep into the archives to find the super old posts where I talked about riding buses with my dad. Now there are some poorly-written reviews...

8., I gave the station a 7/10. I don't believe that constitutes as "sucks so bad", last time I checked.

9. I can see the argument against putting a crosswalk on the bridge for safety reasons, but I have nothing against the width of the's the way the staircase juts to the side at the entrance and leads to the sign being obscured. And if "decrepit" is an SAT word now, then American education has truly fallen apart...

10. And finally, the true standout of these negative comments: someone took the "Cons" section completely out of context and wrote snarky parenthetical remarks to each sentence. Ahem...

  • Yes, I have been to Ruggles, as another commenter pointed out.
  • My complaints about the schedule regard consistency. Why provide all-day weekend service while leaving a huge hole in midday weekday service? The "Dictate!" bit is interesting, too...of course I don't have the power to change the schedule, but I can at least show enthusiasm for the idea.
  • "The cons mostly come in the forms of specific annoyances (like your review?)." Well played, well played.
  • Just because many Commuter Rail staircases are falling apart doesn't make it okay that a specific staircase is falling apart. That's just common sense. This applies to the speaker comment, as well.
  • This part about never being in a prison cell...I mean, did you read the post? How about going back and seeing what I actually mean when I refer to "prison cells"?
  • "Josh needs to get a life." So do you, buddy!
This post was a departure from normal content, but I wanted to show some of these comments because I found them pretty funny. There's nothing wrong with criticism if you have logic or reasoning to back it up (thanks to all the folks who pointed out the code regarding the prison cells - I updated the original post). Even though not all the comments were agreeable, it was fun to get all this feedback, and I really enjoyed reading all the comments, even the ridiculously negative ones. Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!


  1. Dear Miles,
    Let the haters be your motivators.
    with admiration,
    Eric Cornell

  2. Some of us read this blog in part because we like your style, as well as the subject. This is a geeky/specialized kind of blog, after all: your natural audience is other transit fans.


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