Thursday, October 13, 2016

Petition to Keep the MBTA Public!

I've drifted away from talking about news on this blog (the "Latest MBTA News" section of every post hasn't had any actual content in months), but this petition is incredibly important to sign. Governor Charlie Baker has been pushing for certain parts of the MBTA to be privatized, which would be horrible for everyone. Sam Hegg (writer of Sam's Operation Oculi) wrote up this petition, and I urge you all to sign it. He explains the negative impacts of privatization better than I could, so read the petition and then sign it to help the MBTA's workers, riders, and Commonwealth taxpayers. Spread the word!


  1. Limited privitazition is a good thing. The MBTA is inept, irresponsible, and burns money as a hobby.

    1. What parts of the MBTA would you want to privatize? The T isn't perfect but I'm just curious to hear how you think that would make things better. Not trying to argue, more just to get another perspective

    2. How about starting with the cash room? Google MBTA cash room to see what corrupt government unions can do, especially when there are no watchdogs to keep them in check.

  2. Only certain parts of it would be privatized. It wouldn't effect the quality of service or the T workers. It has more to do with fiscal issues.

    More discussion about it here.

  3. This is very critical that the mbta stays public if it becomes private we will all be under contracts to travel by bus or train wich means they will have the right to stop people from traveling freely and un molested wich also means more mbta laws and police


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