Saturday, June 4, 2016

Longwood Medical Area

Ahh, Longwood Medical Area: the more convenient, but WAY less tranquil alternative to Longwood Station on the D. Oh wait, the D also has a decent schedule and can be reasonably trusted to be on time. As for the E? Yeah, I know I'm just reviewing the stations here, but I'm still gonna diss the E as much as I like!

Ooh, nice curve!
Honestly, Longwood is basically a curved version of Northeastern on a slight hill. I mean, they both have wide platforms, a few wastebaskets, and two shelters. Yes, Longwood lacks outdoor seating and a ticket validator, but other than that, it's basically identical to Northeastern. Umm...yeah, there really isn't much else to say with this one.

That's such a great-looking right-of-way!
Station: Longwood Medical Area

Ridership: Let's see here...wait, this is the busiest station on all of the Green Line branches? 3,813 passengers per weekday? Wow! I guess I underestimated this place! It helps that this station gets both hospital workers and students, as there are many colleges around Longwood Medical Area.

Pros: This is another good E Line in-median station! It has shelters, a wide platform, wastebaskets - basically all of the basic things to be expected at a street stop.

Cons: It does lack outdoor seating and ticket validators, but that's about all that's wrong with this place.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Do you like hospitals? Great! Longwood Medical Area is the place for you! Actually, though, if you don't mind walking, the D is a much better way of getting here. The E is the closest station to colleges like MassArt, though.

Final Verdict: 7/10
Ultimately, I would say this station is just like Northeastern, minus the benches and ticket validator. It does make up for that by being on a rather nice curve, though! Okay, commuters probably don't care about that, but it makes for great pictures.

Latest MBTA News: Service Updates


  1. In addition to the medical workers and college students, the stop's also used by a significant number of students at Boston Latin School, the city's largest high school - most students have to use the T to get to/from school (they get CharlieCards good for unlimited use on subways, buses and even a couple zones on commuter rail).

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