Saturday, January 31, 2015

Transit Tales: I Just Wanna Go Home!

It all started at South Station. The driver announced over the loudspeaker that we would be standing by due to some issue with the train doors (or something). After about a 10 minute wait with constant reassuring announcements of "It'll just be a little, little, little, little bit longer", we finally left for Downtown Crossing. Once we got there, the driver announced that we would be standing by again. And a few minutes later, they made the announcement that the Red Line was experiencing moderate delays. But it wasn't because of our train - no, there was apparently a medical emergency.

This was about the last straw for me, so I left the train and walked to Park Street via the Winter Street Concourse. I then went to the Green Line and took that up to Lechmere, from which I got a 69 to Harvard (review on that coming at some point). Once I got there, I figured the train might be running fine now, so I headed down into the station. The countdown clock said there was a four minute wait until the next Alewife train. "Okay," I thought, "I can handle four minutes." So I went to the platform.

Then all of a sudden, that four minutes turned to eight minutes for no reason. They then made the announcement that the Red Line was still experiencing moderate delays...because of a disabled train at Kendall. What?! When did the reason for the delays change? This was when I left the platform fed up, and decided to just take the 77 instead. It dropped me off on time (unlike some transport modes I know), and I made it home 70 minutes later than expected. Ugh.

Park Street was a bit of a mess...

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