Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Random Photos: The Old Government Center

There are often stations that I visit and take pictures of, but ultimately end up not reviewing. Turns out this happened with Government Center before its closure! I found some pictures from about a year and a half ago, and though the station's not getting its review, at least these old photos will finally get released to the public.

On the end of the Blue Line platform they had a remnant from the original original station.
I always wondered why this Green Line loop was so well-lit.
On the Green Line platform.
A blurry picture of the entrance.
I love these murals!


  1. On the Blue Line level they just slapped up new tiles and signs and called it a renovation, but the original Scollay Square pre-rapid transit trolley station is just past the end of the platform. Technically it's there, just not visible due to darkness.

    And why is the section so well lit? It's used by trolleys to turn around and for daytime storage so they need the lights on. The Brattle Loop Station is there, just never used since they prefer to let people off on the main platform and not have them cross the track.

    1. There's a station in the loop? With an exit and everything? Wow, that's pretty cool.


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