Saturday, March 1, 2014

The MBTA Needs to Update Its Online Map

I was looking at the Interactive Street Map version of the MBTA subway map on its website. It's essentially Google Maps with MBTA lines over it. You can click on each stop and it tells you bus connections, what Commuter Rail zone the station's in if served, gives you accessibility, parking, and bike information, and allows you to view the station page. A fantastic feature, but I found a lot of things wrong with the map, which I will show through screenshots taken on my computer (you'll probably want to click on them to make them larger).

The biggest issue is the fact that the Silver Line appears to have a million more stops than it actually does. If you click on most of them, they just say "Point," and that's it. They only go away if you reload the page.
As you can see, it just says "Point."
There are way more buses than that serving Dudley. Also, the Silver Line is listed under "Subway." Don't make me laugh.
I don't even know what's happening here.
If you look at Aquarium, it says it's served by the 6 bus. The 6 was eliminated in 2009. If you click on the schedule link, it just takes you to the list of MBTA bus routes. Whoops.
It irritates me how a) the lines don't correspond to the tracks shown on Google Maps, and b) the stops don't correspond to the stops on Google Maps. This happens in a lot of places.
Sorry, MBTA, but Terminal D was eliminated in 2006. Also, they forgot to mention the other buses that serve Logan Airport.
Again with the tracks not corresponding. Hmm, the Red Line seems to go on a massive bridge between JFK/UMASS and North Quincy.
The MBTA brought back the 48? Oh, wait, it's a map error. Silly me.
I also looked at the Commuter Rail map. The Newburyport/Rockport Line seems to be missing.
This is actually Beverly Depot. It's labeled as "Point," for some reason.
At Salem, the 468, which was eliminated in 2012, is shown, but not the 465, which still exists.
South Station has a lot of problems. First of all, our good friend, the 6, is listed. And second, it lists the 441, 441W, 442, and 442W. The 441 and 442 from Marblehead never served South Station (they used to go to Haymarket before getting cut back to Wonderland in 2012), and the "W" variations from Marblehead would've terminated at Wonderland!


  1. It's not clear to me who is at fault or responsible--Google or MBTA? I get these same maps on my android thru Maps, nothing to do w/ the MBTA website. Is this just a case of you get what you paid for? Should the MBTA hire some pricey software contractor to fix it?

  2. Minor thing, but I don't know if you can say that the placement of the "station marker" on google maps is very accurate to the actual locations of either (a) the station platforms themselves or (b) the exits from the station that you can access/egress to/from the station.

    1. Perhaps, but it still looks really bad on the MBTA online map.

  3. Where is this interactive street map? I can't find a link to it on the MBTA site.

    1. If you go to "Schedules and Maps," then "Subway," there's an option for the interactive street map.


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