Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Photos: City Point Beach

You probably know I'm a sucker for a good skyline. And planes that fly low. Well, I saw both when I took the bus to City Point (brace yourself, this post has a lot of pictures)...

The neighborhood where the bus dropped me off. It's really nice...
A nice industrial wasteland.
Appears to be a Delta flight.
There was an American flag I was trying to get in there. I failed.
I've been to Spectacle Island way more times than it deserves.
This was my destination - it's apparently called Head Island.
Fantastic view of an industrial wasteland (with a plane).
This looked a lot nicer in real life.
It looks like a lake in New Hampshire or something.
Deer Island!
The industrial wasteland, without the plane.
A plane flying over Boston!
There's that familiar skyline.
A plane, silhouetted in the sun.
Another plane.
A silhouetted statue.
There was a weird, snowy park between the two streets.

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  1. you should have checked out castle island


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