Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maverick Station Has a Second Entrance!

Who knew? One of the cons in my Maverick post was that the station seemingly only had one entrance. That's what it seems like, anyway - when you're at a train station, you naturally gravitate towards the area with a bunch of fare gates that everyone else is heading for. Turns out, though, on the other end of the station, there is a tiny area with only two fare gates that also leads outside. It's quite a sight when you come out; with a big expanse of swampland, and beyond that Boston Harbor and the city. The view is phenomenal from here, although I don't think anyone would have any use for this exit unless they live in the nearby projects.

As I said, it's a bit small.
The modern entrance looks a bit out of place to me.
A neat rock sculpture, with the elevator alternative in view.
This is the sort of neighborhood I'm talking about.
A bit of a strange view, but a good one.


  1. It was the only exit when they were renovating the station. I got a special thrill when I had to use it once.

    1. The view really is fantastic - the entrance is definitely worth visiting even when you don't have to.

  2. It wasn't any big thing, it was the first time that the station had an elevator in its history, was the first time that the entrance had moved from the square itself since it was opened in 1904, and the first time that a Blue Line entrance was built specifically for future development, which is only now happening several years after it ceased being the primary exit.

    And frankly- how the heck did you not see the gates and escalator? It's hard not to notice the black metal and plastic...


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