Monday, November 18, 2013

Miles on the MBTA in Boston Magazine!

I see some people have noticed a reference to Miles on the MBTA in the Boston Magazine article, "‘Transit Racer’ Will Attempt to Travel to Every MBTA Station In Record Time."  So yes, I will be travelling with Adham Fisher on his record breaking/setting adventure. In the meantime, here are some recommended blog posts for new readers from the article:

  • The 459 - My first bus review wasn't that great, but hey - it was the first.
  • The 30 - My second bus review, and also one of my worst transit experiences.
  • The SL5 - One of the blog's only low-scoring routes as of yet.
  • The 1 - An amazing crosstown route.
  • The 31 - Scored a perfect 10!
  • Science Park/West End - Has one of my favorite photos on the blog.
  • The 439 - An amazing route that's on its last legs.
  • Bowdoin - Closed on weekends and evenings, insanely tight loop, door-open buttons...really weird station.
  • The 441/442 - Sort of irrelevant now that the weather's getting colder, but it was a fun ride to Marblehead.
  • Minatur Wunderland - The best place ever is located in Hamburg, Germany.
  • The MBTA Control Center - Definitely worth a look.
  • The 71 - Trackless trolley. Period.
  • The 4 - Great ride through downtown Boston.
  • The 76 - A very weird route.
  • All of the Service Change posts, wherein we ride non-MBTA transit systems, are worth a look.

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